Hiipuss VTM refreshes the chemistry balance when sprayed and inhaled through the nose, pathway to the olfactory. The scent is delivered directly to your center brain, the Hippocampus Cortex, where it knows just what to do to stimulate and yield the desired effect…
Invigorating and stimulating, bold and highly influential, our formulations are created to encourage uplifting, positive feelings and are superior mood elevator. Social attractant both effective in personal as well as professional environments. Stimulating enhancement of certain physiological and behavioral responses such as:

  • Feelings of well being
  • Calming
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Confidence
  • Raising of positive emotional levels
  • Acceptance Social attractant effective in both social and professional environments
  • Focus
  • Joy

Varying in response levels depending on the individual and formulation. So discreet and practically scentless. Whether personal or professional, you have the secret edge.