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Hiipuss V TM products are a combination of particular chemical compounds identical to which we are born with…simply reintroduced in various distinct ratio and calibration to achieve the effects of each specific formulation. Created to stimulate your desired mood naturally through the unique art of Pheromone Alchemy…

“Hiipuss”- a derivative from the Latin word “Hippocampus”, meaning Sea Horse of which the area of the cerebrum is shaped. Located inside the medial temporal lobe of the forebrain of human and other mammals, this area helps to regulate emotional responses and motivation. Functionally the Hippocampus Cortex is part of the olfactory cortex, essential to the sense of smell, flexible learning and memory.

Hiipuss VTM formulations are chemical substances recognized as prohormones,
also known as pheromones, designed to arouse this frontal lobe region of the brain. Not limited to sexual attraction but inspires enhancement of certain physiological and behavioral response with positive influences on the wearer and those in their immediate surrounding. Responses vary depending on the formulation and the individual.