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Calm & Harmony by Hiipuss V


Ambient spray for total calming and relaxation.


Unique in the art of aesthetic scent, Harmony is a true alchemist’s blend of  exceptional reagent grade pure human prohormone/pheromones with a hint of natural French Lavender essence. Through olfactory science, we’ve created an ambient formulation eliciting total calm, relaxation, for soothing repose and splendid sense of sanctuary. Mist 2-4 sprays in the air..inhale deeply via the nose. Effects may be noted within 30 seconds and last a few hours. Most important. RELAX…let Harmony do its job. Give it time to take full effect.  Excellent for use for emotional and some physiological calming. It will calm your heart and allow you to have the placidity you seek, naturally.

Olfactory Response Family:

Base notes to moderate olfactory sensitivity tones, mid notes to release soft mood, and high notes to release and boost feelings of comfort, calm, and relaxation.


Single formula; 50ml. recyclable glass bottle with spray pump of HARMONY formulation.

Directions and recommended usage:

For daily and occasional use.  Spray. 2-4 sprays directly in the air (away from the face) and inhale via the nose. Then, relax and allow Harmony to work its calming effects.


DO NOT OVER SPRAY. USE SPARINGLY.  All Hiipuss V products are highly concentrated. More is not better. Over saturation may occur. Please follow directions of use. Do not spray in eyes.

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