The Lock

The Lock


For social interaction and attraction influences feelings of well-being.



The Lock  is inspired by the passion and pursuit of delight, for social attraction and interaction, physical bonding and the warm feelings associated with intimate desires and sensual touch. It aides in attributing to self confidence and feelings of well-being. Also beneficial for drawing people to you in professional as well as personal  situations.

Olfactory Response Family:

Base notes to release and signal a focused desire for attention, mid notes to modulate intimate arousal.


Gender specific. For Women to attract Men. For Women to attract Women. For Men to attract Women. For Men to attract Men.

Per single formulation; 5 ml bottle silver spray dispenser, 5 ml bottle silver spray dispenser + 5ml Bottle Refill

Directions and recommended usage:

For daily and occasional use, apply one to two pump sprays on the chest, inhale through the nose. May be reapplied every four to five hours. Effects last approximately 5 hours. Hiipuss V™ Bullet formulations are fragrance free and may be used in combination with your favorite perfumes, colognes and body lotions. Always apply to clean skin. Use one formulation at a time. Please do not combine formulations.


DO NOT OVER SPRAY. USE SPARINGLY. All Hiipuss V™ products are highly concentrated.  More is not better. Over saturation may occur. Please follow the directions of use.


SDA40B Fragrance-grade Ethanol, purified water, pure Reagent-Grade synthetic human prohormones and metabolites.


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